Our Mission

Courter Tree Farms is dedicated to producing quality landscape trees. We understand that honesty, integrity, and personal service are essential to good business. Courter Tree Farms believes in treating its employees fairly and has a deep respect for the land that produces its crop.  

Our History

Located in Montcalm County in Michigan's Lower Peninsula, Courter Tree Farms is a registered Michigan Centennial Farm. 180 acres of it have been owned and operated by the Courter family for over 100 years. The last 30 years have been devoted to growing quality Christmas trees and landscape stock which have been shipped to locations across the United States.

Our Focus

Courter Tree Farms specializes in conifers grown primarily for landscape purposes. Our current production schedule includes Colorado blue spruce, Norway spruce, Serbian spruce, Black Hills spruce, white spruce, white pine, concolor fir, and Fraser fir. Producing a quality product is stressed at each stage of the process. This includes seedling selection, weed control, insect control, shearing, digging materials, digging methods, and shipping. We dig on demand and do not keep an inventory of already dug trees.

    Jim Courter

    "You don't go into a business to make money. You go into business to sell a product, which in turn makes you money. Once you focus on making money instead of improving your product, you're in trouble"
    ~Henry Ford

    This quote has been on my desk for many years, and is a guiding principle for our business at Courter Farms. We are continually striving to produce the best product available for your landscape needs!

    Jim Courter